FAQ about skin diseases

Do I need to treat an acne?

Of course, it is you, who decide whether your skin requires special care and treatment. However, you must understand that in case you are suffering from acne in adolescence, it is absolutely useless to wait till the disease will pass when you grow older. Even in adulthood, the problem can remain. So, it is better to take timely measures in order not to aggravate the situation. The state of your skin, if left untreated, will worsen. Besides discomfort, acne can cause threat to your health, especially in case of infection development.

What are the main causes of acne?

There are a lot of causes that lead to the appearance of acne: it may be disruptions in the immune system, and hormonal changes, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and chronic illness. However, the main cause of acne is connected with the increased concentration of male hormones in the blood. Under their influence the sebaceous glands begin to secrete more sebum.