Facelift is the best solution for rejuvenation

Facelift combines different types of face plastic surgeries aimed at skin tissues tightening of this body part through reducing or eliminating of visible aging signs. Facelift brings your face young natural look back. With the help of facelift the surgical correction of nasolabial folds wrinkles and other visible signs of aging like brows' ptosis, flews appearance, fine wrinkles and uneven pigmentation, etc. are carried out. Today, face plastic is recognized as the most effective way of visible rejuvenation.

Each person's face reflects a natural aging process, the daily mimic activity, emotions and stresses. With the years of life, skin tone is changing, it is turning thinner, mimic muscles are getting weaker, gravitational ptosis of the entire soft tissue is developing. Area of nasolabial triangle is getting outlined with deep nasolabial folds, jawline is getting weaker and double chin is appearing, face and neck are getting covered with wrinkles and fat deposits. Of course, it is impossible to stop natural processes of aging with the help of face cosmetic surgeries, but facelift is able to delay the aging visible signs and return a person youthful look. Facelift can be performed as a separate surgery or in combination with other corrective procedures: brow lift, blepharoplasty, or nose shape correction. Facelift is reasonable when the person has deep nasolabial folds, lower parts of cheeks sagging, the excess fat and skin on the chin and front of the neck. The main indicator for face plastic is not a biological age, but the state of face. Youthful and well-attended face today is not only the desire of the patient, but also an essential part of public people professional image.

The first facelift surgeries were carried out in the beginning of XX century. As a result of continuous researches highly efficient and safe methods of surgical facial rejuvenation have been created. Different types of facelift may be recommended to a patient taking into account his individual age-related changes. Sectorial facelift (forehead and eyebrows lifting, face counter lifting, temporal lifting) is recommended to patients younger than 40 years old with minor age-related changes of facial contours. In the process of sectorial facelift only relevant skin areas are lifted without soft tissue tightening. Rejuvenating result of this type facelift lasts from 5 up to 8 years. The most radical anti-aging surgery is circular facelift is recommended to patients after 45-50 years, with distinct age-related changes. The circular facelift effectively removes deep wrinkles and nasolabial folds as well as lifts cheeks. The rejuvenating effect of the operation lasts for more than 10 years. Specialists from stanley-medical.com suppose that the most intrusive type of surgery is endoscopic facelift and soft lift.

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