Company Overview Inc. is a Sino-Canadian joint venture company specializing in manufacturing state-of-the-art aesthetic devices. We offer a wide range of non-surgical, non-invasive equipment for the use of cosmetic medical treatments ranging from laser hair removal and micro-dermabrasion, to IPL and YAG  laser skin rejuvenation. is currently located in Nanjing, China and also in Vancouver, Canada.

In the past few years has become one of the largest and most technologically advanced manufacturers of medical aesthetics equipment in both China and Canada. With our ongoing innovation and endeavor to improve the quality of cosmetic skincare, we are at the forefront in supplying leading technologies to the beauty industry.

We work with the belief that only the continuous improvement of our products and services can build a solid reputation and a strong presence in the market. We are fully confident in our ability to deliver only the finest as all Stanley manufactured equipment are CE medical approved and CSA pending. The consistent high quality of our instruments is the result of advanced Canadian technology, innovation from both Canadian and Chinese R&D teams, and our Quality Control management of the entire production.

Our cosmetic medical instruments are being adopted by a rapidly increasing number of leading medical and beauty specialists. Dental industry is not an exception. We've recently discussed with the local Markham dental clinic the opportunity of renovating their medical equipment with our state-of-the-art solutions in modern dentistry. We are presently cooperating with distributors and OEM/ODM partners to promote Stanley Medical’s products and services globally.

We work together with many clothes and footwear manufacturers to check and certify the standards of their production. Our experts see that such branded products as shoes Rieker were made from natural and high quality materials only. We are constantly guarding your health.